Omens and superstitions: why can not see the moon during the full Moon

Приметы и суеверия: почему нельзя смотреть на Луну в Полнолуние

The moon plays its mystical role, as our ancestors said. The full Moon in the coastal areas there are strong tides, is able to flood surrounding home and the Bay. She is affected and ill people – schizophrenics with a full night luminary to be the much more frequent attacks. The same applies to lunatics, who are much more active than usual – it so happens that falling asleep in one place, a person wakes up for a few hundred miles from home.

It is believed that you can become “abnormal”, if I stare at the moon. Despite the fact that these words sound at least strange, doctors say that such cases are really not rare. Maybe this is due to the fact that the satellite Lands on a special effect on our brain, which in turn has an effect on the psyche. However, the exact answer to this question, scientists have not yet found, and is unlikely to find, because all of these stories from the category of the mystical.

Our ancestors, incidentally, were also confident that the moonlight has magical properties, to explain that it was simply impossible.

For example, did this experiment under the light from the moon at the window put a regular blade razor. In the morning, when it was checked, it turned out that the blade is rusted. However, experimenters living in our time, this effect has never been observed, so the reason you believe the ancestors were not found.