Omsk hockey player explained why the Russian team lost to the Canadians

Forward Omsk “Avangard” Ilya Mikheev, recognized as the best player of team Russia at the world championship in Denmark according to the portal Sport24. However, despite the recognition, the forward continues to worry about “departure” from the championship at the quarter-final stage.

Омский хоккеист рассказал, почему сборная России уступила канадцам

Omsk hockey player, returning to his hometown, explained why the Russian team lost to the Canadians. According to Mikheev, the game was decided by a series of errors, and not in tactical and command, and individual level. Young Russian hockey players used to game conditions in the NHL, did not realize that in the world Cup they are professionals who do not forgive mistakes.

Ilya I am sure that the Russian team lacked two components, namely, luck and care. Although the eyes of Russians, that is, was burning and everyone was determined to win. Himself Mikheev in this match scored a important goal, reducing the deficit. Experts say that the canadian experts were very interested in the Omsk hockey player who has signed a contract with Avangard for another season.

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