On a par with war criminals: Novak Djokovic has received the government award

В один ряд с военными преступниками: Новак Джокович получил правительственную награду

В один ряд с военными преступниками: Новак Джокович получил правительственную награду

The first racket of the world Novak Djokovic visited the Olympic ski center on Jahorina mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tennis player has been on the track, which is named after him. During the visit, Nowak received the award, which was presented by the war criminals.

As reported by mondo.rs, Djokovic met with Milorad dodika Serbian member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dodik awarded Djokovic the order of the Republic of Srpska (the state formation within Bosnia and Herzegovina) for outstanding contribution to the development of sport.

Djokovic has been criticized due to the receipt of the order

The political scientist and the author of the book “Hunger and rage: crisis of democracy in the Balkans” yasmin Mujanovic criticized Novak on Twitter.

In particular, he reminded that the relevant order was presented by the war criminals.

“Congratulations to Novak Djokovic with the award of the order of the Republic of Srpska. Among the last of the knights of the order of the war criminals Radovan karadžić, Ratko mladić, momčilo Krajišnik, Biljana plavšić and, of course, Slobodan Milosevic. Peter Handke, who denies the genocide (in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Спорт24), expected to be envied,” wrote Mujanovic.

It should be noted that a knight of the order is also Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic.

Commented on the scandal surrounding Djokovic is a member of the British Parliament helic the Louvre, which has Bosnian roots, writes ua.tribuna.com.

She noted that Novak received the award a few days after the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide.

The massacre is one of the biggest war crimes in modern European history, committed during the Bosnian war, 13-22 July 1995. The crime was a planned mass murder by the Bosnian Serbs of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim males aged from 12 to 77 years. The massacre was committed in the center of the Bosnian city of Srebrenica after its capture by the Army of Republika Srpska under the command of General Ratko Mladic.

“Disappointed by getting Novak Djokovic the order of Serbian Republic, which previously was awarded to convicted war criminals Mladic, Karadzic… Only a few days after the anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. These are not the actions of an athlete who should be a role model #Сребреница25” wrote Helic.

  • Novak Djokovic is one of the most successful players of our time. However, the 33-year-old tennis player often gets into various public scandals.
  • He recently organized an exhibition tennis tournament with an outbreak COVID-19. Although the purpose was charitable, on the tournament disregarded the recommendations.
  • One of the infected turned and Djokovic. The Serb is not the first time agreed to take the test.
  • He also opposes mandatory vaccination against coronavirus.

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