On a pedestrian crossing in Kiev the driver of the car knocked down 4-year-old girl. “Espresso” requests to help the child, who is now in intensive care

На пешеходном переходе в Киеве водитель легковушки сбил 4-летнюю девочку. "Еспресо" просит помочь ребенку, который сейчас в реанимации

On the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples had been a terrible accident. According to preliminary information, the driver of the car Renault drove into the bump, threw him to the crosswalk where he was hit by a young man with a 4-year-old daughter, then flew the green areas and into the fence

Accidental witness of this accident was the presenter of the TV channel “Espreso” Nazar Dovgy. He immediately took the injured girl to the hospital OKHMATDYT.

Her father soon was hospitalized the doctors ambulance.

Alice Minovska, the so-called victim girl, is now in serious condition in intensive care. Her father, a member of ATO, Eugene Smilowski was seriously injured.

Doctors say that at least for four months, the man will not be able to walk.

If You can assist the family with money, she will be grateful wife and mother of the victims – Ksenia Kuzminov.

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