On Bank thinking on limiting the access of journalists to Zelensky

На Банковой подумывают над ограничением доступа журналистов к Зеленскому

In the President’s Office consider the possibility of forming a press pool for President Vladimir Zelensky, Deputy head of the OP Kirill Timoshenko. It is expected that the pool will consist of 20-25 journalists who can ask the President questions at press conferences.

“I think we need a pool of journalists who go to press conferences or briefings. It should be 20-25 representatives of mass media”, – told Tymoshenko in an interview with “Vesti”, published on Monday, June 1.

Deputy OP referred to the experience “across Europe and the United States” and expressed confidence that the conversation of the President with a coterie of journalists will be “substantive and productive”. At the same time Tymoshenko noted that the journalistic community is not enthusiastic about such initiative.

“It is an idea that I’ve now voiced. Look at the reaction of the journalistic community. Understand that there will be a lot of unhappy. But it is the most productive and working scheme. To came 25 accredited journalists received 25 answers,” he said.

According to Tymoshenko, the previous experience Zelensky with the press turned into a “process of exchange of views with the President of self-affirmation and small talk”.

Journalist pool was already ex-the President Victor Yanukovych, who was convicted for treason. Pool included representatives of TV channels “inter”, ICTV, “1+1”, “Ukraine” and the state “First national”. Three of them (“inter”, “Ukraine” and “First national”) avoided any criticism of the President and spoke about it only positively.

Also in the pool Yanukovych come in correspondents Ukrainian “daughters” of the Russian media (“Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine”, “news in Ukraine”, etc.), website “Today” oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and other publications, the owners of which have demonstrated loyalty to the President.

Journalists accompanied Yanukovich during international travel. Their flights were paid for by taxpayers ‘ money. Abroad, and also on a press-conferences in Ukraine, they put the President only “easy” questions, and in publications and television channels have released a complementary material about Yanukovych and members of his team, and critical – about oponente “Party of regions”. Thus, Yanukovych has gradually immersed in the information “a warm bath”.