On Board – more than 100 people in the Mediterranean sea, the ship sank with migrants

На борту - более 100 человек: в Средиземном море затонуло судно с мигрантами

Off the coast of Libya in the Mediterranean sea sank the rubber boat, which were the migrants. As a result of emergency may have killed 117 people.

This was announced by the representative of the International organization for migration Flavio Di Giacomo, reports Deutsche Welle. This number called three rescued Italian seamen passengers – two Sudanese and one Gambian. They were taken to the island of Lampedusa.

“They said on the boat on Thursday evening sailed from Libya, was 120 people. After 10-11 hours, she began to lose air and sink. People drowned,” said Di Giacomo. According to the migrants, among the survivors in the boat were ten women and two children.

Vessel in distress was seen Italian military aircraft. The migrants were thrown a lifeline.

Arrived to the place of shipwreck, the ship sent by a Libyan coast guard, who coordinated the operation that found no traces of the boat.

At the same time, Italian military reported that on Board the sunken boats were only about 20 people.

The German organisation Sea-Watch, in turn, reported the rescue in the Mediterranean sea 27. They are raised with a rubber boat on Board Sea-Watch 3. Where migrants will take after that is unknown, as the Minister of internal Affairs of Italy Salvini announced that his country will not accept them.