On Earth is inexorably changing climate: observed alarm

На Земле неумолимо изменяется климат: замечен тревожный сигнал

French scientists from the University of Toulouse and University of Picardy found that many species, especially marine animals migrate closer to the poles and up mountain slopes.

The reason for the mass escape are catastrophic climate change, according to the article researchers published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

The experts have reviewed 258 scientific papers, and records changes in the habitats of more than 12 thousand bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. It turned out that aquatic organisms are more sensitive to increasing mean temperatures in low latitudes. For example, the habitat of the insect moves with a speed of 18.5 kilometers per year, and marine species – 6 kilometres per year.

If you compare the rate of displacement of habitats of marine and terrestrial animals, the first move about six times faster. This discrepancy is due to the fact that air conducts heat approximately 28 times worse than water, but land animals to better regulate their body temperature.

According to researchers, animals that live high in the mountains are on the verge of extinction because they are not adapted to the environment with higher temperature, which rises up the hill. However, scientists emphasize that their meta-analysis covers only 0.6% of species of living organisms on Earth.