On eBay put up an electric Saab for $ 2,000 (PHOTO)

На eBay выставили электрический Saab за 2000 долларов (ФОТО)

Car release in 1969 was converted to electric in 2009.

On the online platform eBay has appeared unusual lot – the old Saab 96 1969, which was a converted electric car. The machine is located in the U.S. state of Missouri.

The original Saab was powered by a gasoline two-stroke engines, highly toxic by today’s standards. In that car the standard engine was removed and in 2009 replaced by electric DC motor. It is the American model engine 203-06-4001 the production of Advanced DC Motors, Inc., which at its peak is able to develop up to 83 HP and with long-term movement is only 22 HP Not surprising that the maximum speed of the Saab 96 was not more than 96 kilometers per hour.

Under the hood and in the trunk placed ten lead-acid battery model Trojan T-1275. Like now used except in the trucks. The capacity of each is 1.99 kilowatt-hours, and the sum, respectively, of 19.9 kilowatt-hours. The seller says that this is enough for nearly 100 kilometers in real life that looks the most likely (provided that the batteries are new).

The mileage of the car is slightly less than 20 thousand miles, which is 32 thousand kilometers. Apparently, talking about mileage after alteration in the cart.

Front-wheel drive car was kept as standard four-speed transmission. Moreover, due to the fact that the operating speed range of the motor is substantially wider than the internal combustion engine, the seller says that the need for the clutch pedal actually disappears.

The most attractive feature of this electric car – its price. At the time of this writing, the lot is 1969 dollars.

На eBay выставили электрический Saab за 2000 долларов (ФОТО)

На eBay выставили электрический Saab за 2000 долларов (ФОТО)