On Elon musk filed a lawsuit owners of Tesla shares – 24 Channel

На Ілона Маска подали позов до суду власники акцій компанії Tesla - 24 Канал

Shareholders accuse Tesla Elon musk filed a lawsuit in court over a Twitter message that he wants to transform the company from public to private.

This was reported by the Bloomberg website.

It became known that the shareholders decided to file a lawsuit in Federal court in San Francisco against Elon musk. They accuse him of fraud and manipulation of stock.

Statement Mask that he had secured financing has been especially significant and has caused significant movement in the market. Since Musk has not provided the funding and gave the market the false information which is misleading. Therefore, the sellers of Tesla stock were forced to cover their positions by purchasing shares at artificially inflated prices after August 7, 2018. Obviously, all purchasers of the securities of Tesla also suffered,
– said in the appeal, the shareholder Kalman Isaacs.

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission was investigating whether Musk intends to make Tesla the company public.

Recall the price of Tesla shares on 7 August jumped by seven percent to 367 dollars apiece, on the background of statements by the Chairman of the Board Elon musk. He said that considering the transformation of the company, which is now public to private. “I think to make Tesla private at 420 dollars. Funding is provided”, – he wrote on Twitter. Obviously, the businessman was referring to $ 420 per share of the company.

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