On independence Zelensky was required not to cross in Paris red lines

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии

Thousands of people took to Kiev Maidan Nezalezhnosti calling for Vladimir Zelensky not to cross the summit in Paris indicated the opposition “red lines”. A report DW.

The leaders of the three parliamentary parties – “European solidarity”, the “Fatherland” and “the Voice” on Sunday, December 8, convened a Veche on the Maidan in support of requirements to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, announced shortly before. Before the summit in “Norman format” in Paris, opposition politicians have defined “red lines” that must not cross the President of Ukraine. Among them – no compromise on the unitary structure of the country, European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine, no elections in uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donbass to the Russian withdrawal of troops and disarmament of illegal armed groups, achieving control over the state border, no compromise on de-occupation and the return of Crimea to Ukraine, no terminations of international lawsuits against Russia.

A few shares on the eve of the Normandy summit

Total in Kiev before and during the summit, “Norman four” in Paris 9 December 5 shares. According to the National police, on patrol during protests will be released three thousand law enforcement officers. The interior Ministry runs the situation room around the clock monitoring of the situation on the streets, but on Sunday, significant violations of public order is not fixed.

Veche “Red lines to see” on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti on December 8 was still the most populous of all the shares. Before the start of the rally in the square has gathered more than 5 thousand people. The organizers of the Assembly stated that their goal is to attract the attention of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to the inadmissibility of “the surrender of Ukraine” on the results of the Paris meeting. Apparently, the numerous assurances of the President and other authorities that “no we won’t surrender”, the protesters did not believe.

“Putin scenario will not pass”

At the beginning of the chamber those present observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in the Donbass and the victims of the fire at the College in Odessa on the 4th of December. The former head of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy in his speech said that the call of the opposition parties to hold the chamber responded and in other cities of the country. Their goal is to prove that “Putin scenario will not pass”. Within two hours from the scene heard similar words in the speeches of the deputies of Parliament, representatives of non-parliamentary parties, public figures, and volunteers, veterans of the ATO.

In support of these requirements from the stage made songs and some Ukrainian rock bands. The posters that kept protesters have expressed support of Ukraine’s course to NATO and the EU, expressed the requirements not to hold elections in the Donbass and to bring to justice the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Poroshenko thanked Merkel and warned Zelensky

Of the leaders of the parliamentary opposition in the chamber were only the ex-President, the Chairman of the party “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko. He cheerfully greeted the audience on the way to the stage. However, some participants were disposed towards him critically, and shout greetings with the word “shame!”.

In his speech, Poroshenko praised the number of participants to 25 thousand, although independent estimates, gathered at the time from 7-8 to 15 thousand people. Poroshenko has denied the allegation that the chamber is another popular uprising against the government. “This is not independence. This campaign for Ukraine”, – said the former President.

He added that he wants the voice of the Ukrainians heard in Paris, in Moscow and in the office of the President of Ukraine. “I met two weeks ago at the summit of the European people’s party in Zagreb with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), which remains a reliable friend of Ukraine. We got an absolutely clear position of Germany: it is for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and European choice of Ukraine. Thank you, Germany, thank you Angela! “- said Poroshenko.

The continuation of protests

He recalled the main requirements for the President Zelensky, referred to as “red lines”. The former President expressed the hope that they will be heard and the President of France Emmanuel macron. “You can not go on any concessions to Putin, will not be released until the last scrap of Ukrainian land,” – said Poroshenko. He also warned Zelensky from getting discounts on Russian gas in exchange for political concessions in favor of Moscow.

At the conclusion of a Veche on the Maidan, the protesters went to prepare for a new action – rally and round-the-clock picketing of the President’s office under the name of “watch on the Bank”. At the call of the public “Movement against surrender”, the protesters decided to install a tent to stay the night and wait for the outcome of the Paris summit.

As a result, the presidential residence the evening gathered more than a thousand people, which were not previously observed since the Euromaidan. Activists began to build a stage for performances of politicians, but the police and soldiers of the national guard surrounded them and took custody of unknown people in balaclavas, disassembled design scene. The organizers of the protest appealed to the police authorities and showed permits for the installation stage.

After some skirmishes, the parties managed to reach agreement – the authorities were allowed to carry to the presidential office design and to resume the construction of the scene. The leaders of the protest announced the version according to which the order to dismantle the stage gave the head of the office of the President Andriy Bogdan. In response, the congregation started chanting, “Bogdan resign!”. However, in the future, all without incident.

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии

На Майдане от Зеленского требовали не пересекать в Париже красные линии