“On my knees almost”: Valeria mini served her husband

"На коленях практически": Валерия в мини обслужила мужа

The singer showed the family the video.

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Valeria has published in social networks a video where she helps Joseph Prigogine put on shoes. Celebrity almost knelt to serve her husband, and kept the tongue of the boot, while the producer was trying to pull it.

The man in the video complains that he has leg cramped.

“On my knees “the Caucasian captive”. The series of “the Japanese wife”.

Followers of Valeria reacted differently to this video. Someone believes that Joseph Prigogine shoes alone prevents stocky build, others are outraged that the artist likened himself to the Dagestani wife.

“It’s just a fire. Let Joseph already he learns to put on shoes. 51 year as nothing”, “Valeria! You would have thrown over kombinasi something, and then on the Dagestani wife is not very similar”, “I feel Sorry for you”, “Belly stopping to put shoes on”, – said the commentators in “Instaram” Valerie.

Itself a star in his own defense said that he could call himself the Dagestani wife, as Joseph Prigogine was born there.

Previously, “Morning. ru” wrote that she was angry at her husband because of the scandal with Sergei Shnurov.