On Odeschin the man almost kidnapped a 7-year-old girl right in front of her house

На Одесчине мужчина едва не похитил 7-летнюю девочку прямо перед ее домом

In one of the villages of Odessa region among white day the 40-year-old man in the car tried to kidnap a seven year old girl, however she managed to escape.

The incident occurred a few meters before the house parents, writes TSN.

The man in the black car stopped near the girl and asked if she would show him the store. The child refused to sit in the car, but he has given the toy and asked to choose another in the back seat of the car.

After that, the man abruptly closed the door and started to go, but the girl managed to jump out on the go, while the car is still gaining speed.

“My husband immediately got in the car and tried to find him, but found none. We immediately contacted the police, who quickly arrived,” – said the mother of the child.

Militiamen managed to detain the attacker in a few hours. It appeared that on the same day he tried to lure another child.

On interrogation he admitted that he had prepared toys and just talked about the kidnapping and the attempt to undress the girl.

The chief of national police in the Odessa region Oleh Bech said that the detainees seized a phone, which contained pornographic photos and videos involving children.

The police incriminates him only the kidnapping, for which the malefactor threatens till 5 years of imprisonment.

“Open criminal proceedings under article 146 of the Criminal code – deliberate deprivation of liberty or kidnapping,” added Bech.

It is noted that the detainee is 40 years old, married and working as a taxi driver.

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