On parade in Russia lit up the ex-Deputy commander of the Navy APU with Ukrainian orders

На параде в России засветился экс-замкомандующего ВМС ВСУ с украинскими орденами

On the propaganda parade on 24 June in Kaliningrad (Russia) were seen, the former Deputy commander of the Navy APU, and nowadays the Deputy commander of the Baltic fleet, Vice Admiral Sergei Eliseev.

It is noteworthy that in its form, except “St. George” ribbon, was the highest military awards of Ukraine. This fact drew the attention of the blogger Timothy Goltz on his page in Facebook, having published the corresponding screenshot from the video feed.

“For a long time behind enemy lines, risking their lives and health, working “agent” – the Vice-Admiral Sergei Eliseev. With a focus on the collapse of the system of combat training, at the moment the Baltic fleet of the Russian Federation, with which he copes. For it receives state and departmental differences of Ukraine, as well as words of gratitude and memory and desire an indispensable meeting”, sarcastically said the author of the publication.

“However, NATO intelligence officers asking their “agent” in Russia, Vice-Admiral Sergei Eliseev before the set time has not “come to light” not to wear on the dress uniform of the Russian Navy state and departmental awards of Ukraine: the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky II and III degrees (obtained for the extraction of important classified information on the operation of the fleet), something like a “badge of honor” Ministry defence of Ukraine and “Glory and honor” from the General staff of Ukraine (for devotion to the Holy protection of the homeland from the Russian aggressors),” writes reproachfully Goltz.

Summing up, he added that the concept of glory and honor unknown Eliseev, because during the occupation of the Crimea, he moved to the side of the aggressor and continued military service in its ranks.

“It’s the same thing that Stirlitz left in 1944 in front of the Reichstag building with its Star of Hero of the Soviet Union or from other differences of the Union” – an analogy he known Soviet movie “17 moments of spring”.

Recall, from 1999 to 2001 Elisha as a captain of the 1st rank, was the commander of the landing ship “Konstantin Olshansky”. Also served on ships and in the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy. In 2004 he graduated from the National defence Academy.

In August 2010 Eliseev was appointed as the first Deputy commander of the Ukrainian Navy, and in November of the same year – the chief of the Sevastopol garrison.

During the occupation of Crimea in 2014, he wrote a report on the military medical Commission with the subsequent dismissal from the Navy. However, after the capture of the Peninsula by Russia entered the service in the Russian Navy, which in July 2014 became Deputy commander of the Baltic fleet.

There he oversees the combat training of personnel. In August 2014 the Military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine has accused Eliseeva treason and desertion.

На параде в России засветился экс-замкомандующего ВМС ВСУ с украинскими орденами

На параде в России засветился экс-замкомандующего ВМС ВСУ с украинскими орденами