On Sakhalin three airsofters suspected of terrorism

На Сахалине трех страйкболистов заподозрили в терроризме

City court of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk arrested three local residents suspected of organizing a terrorist community and participation in it. It is reported Sakh.com.

According to the newspaper, April 4, in the houses of detainees were searched. One of them allegedly found a subject that can be explosive device. On the same day all three were arrested.

The publication notes that the investigation is the Federal security service.

With reference to the relatives of one of the arrested, the publication reports that all three were fond of airsoft, played sports and participated in the search for missing people. Relatives claim that the intention to encroach on the existing system from the suspects was not.

“I have the feeling that it’s the same pattern is that these high-profile cases – the “Network”, “New greatness”. People anything like this has never worked, they have no equipment, except airsoft and sounds of interrogation, “not if you were gonna storm the administrative building and the police”, – said one of interlocutors of the edition.

Lawyer Eugene Balaban confirmed Sakh.com the criminal case and the arrest of the suspects, but from the review on the merits of the charges dropped.

  • 10 February in Penza the court has sentenced to long terms of imprisonment of seven accused left-wing activists in the case of the creation of a terrorist community Network. They deny guilt and claim that the case was fabricated by the FSB, and the testimony of secret service received, torturing them. Human rights activists demand to investigate allegations of torture and to re-examine the circumstances of the case.
  • However, the court in Moscow is considering the case of the group “the New greatness”. In this ten defendants, mostly teenagers. According to investigators, a group of young people created the extremist organization with the purpose of overthrow of power in Russia. Protection specifies that they are victims of provocateur of the secret services.