On smartphones proved more germs than a toilet seat

This result was made by researchers in the UK.

На смартфонах оказалось больше микробов, чем на сиденье унитаза

They even specified exactly where on smartphones accumulates the greatest number of germs. Most of all, according to scientists, the pathogens on the screens of smartphones and, as expected, the most frequently used buttons – the Back button, the lock button and the Home button. Germs in these places was even more than the brush and on the toilet seat.

Of course, this phenomenon can occur because smartphones are never clean. The researchers said that 2/3 of British users never clean their gadgets no disinfectant wipes, no special cleaning liquids. Every 6 months clean smartphone only every twentieth Briton.

So the smartphone always in hand or at hand, is a silent threat to its owner.

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