On the appointment Venediktova attorney General insisted Ermak and Safir – expert

На назначении Венедиктовой генпрокурором настояли Ермак и Шефир - эксперт

As a candidate for attorney General after the dismissal of Ruslan Ryaboshapka in the Office of the President considered three candidates. The vacant position could potentially take people’s Deputy Sergey Ionushas, Deputy head of the OP Andrey Smirnov and acting Director of the State Bureau of investigation Iryna Venediktova, says chief expert StateWatch Alexander Semenov in your material ZN.UA.

In the end, Zelensky under the influence of his Advisor, Sergei Sefira and head OP Andrey Ermak stayed Venediktova. According to Semenova, the choice was not due to the competence and professional qualities, and personal dedication demonstrated by the interim leader of the RRG.

“The current head of the office Zelensky Andrey Ermak together with presidential adviser Sergei Sefira convinced the President that the best person is the most loyal Irina Venediktova: beautiful and useful,” writes the author.

Stronger candidate Andrei Smirnov has rejected it for fear that he may focus not only on the President’s Office

“Option with Smirnov was seen as the most serious alternative to the current attorney General. But the team Zelensky scared not even a Smirnova affiliation with the ex-lawyer Yanukovych Andriy Portnov and the rest of the regional fraternity. By the way, the President did not see any problems. Their concern was that Smirnov will be affected by “side wind”, which may cast doubt on the exclusive subordination of the public Prosecutor to the guys from Bankova,” – said the expert.

Semenov also said that to assign Venediktov attorney General Zelensky current Vice-speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk offered in 2019.

“It is true, then after the interview Zelensky came to the conclusion: still a little weak, inexperienced for the respective positions on Reznitskii,” – says the expert.

He also reported that on Bankova found Venediktova two experienced deputies: former Deputy head of the GPU Sergey Kizia (a creature of the oligarch Igor Kolomoysky) and ex-the Prosecutor of the Kharkiv oblast Yuri Danilchenko.

“Both have the experience, competence, above that is sefini, and vibrant commercial flair. This is a key risk in such a construction, when the inexperienced Manager “insure” two grated Prosecutor’s jackets that can convert the signature of the “officer of justice” in kind benefits” – says Leonov.