On the battered Sobchak let the dogs out

На избитую Собчак спустили собак

Socialite whipped whip a man in a leather apron.

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“Torture” Ksenia Sobchak took video. Shots she posted on his Instagram. Thus suddenly confessing – it has long dreamed to otstegat whip the man in the skin. The people of this submission in horror.

The video, as it turned out, created in the framework of the project on the debut novel by Vladimir Sorokin “Norm”. Sobchak got an honorary major role. In the movie, Xenia, vzhavshis into a corner, goes for a whip, someone wearing a mask, and after she let the dogs loose.

“Fantasies? Maxim Didenko (Director. – Approx. ed) a lot. Enough for everyone!”

promising signed it scary video.

Users are shot in blood-red tones, the movie caused mixed emotions. While some laugh at the staff, envying the man in a leather apron in his place – would love to be a, the other is called the footage an “abomination.”

“What a talent. It is an abomination. Xue you are a Satanist or what? Why married? Although it was a Wedding it is rather a desecrated Church and all around you… And Your son will grow up and see?” “Ksenia, many have longed to see You in this role and be in the place of man in the apron with a whip” “What the hell” Xenia”,

– write it in the comments.

Sobchak and Bogomolov came to the Registrar to the hearse https://t.co/pQv9B8UIBQ pic.twitter.com/Bh4uikrfMs – RIA Novosti (@rianru) September 13, 2019

Recall, the wedding Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov made the audience like the effect. The lovers got married on Friday the 13th. To the Registrar’s office they were brought to the hearse.