On the border sounded powerful explosions, there are victims: the details of the emergency

На границе прозвучали мощные взрывы, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП

The explosion killed 12 people

The fatal incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, June 18.

The explosions took place in the Venezuelan village of Boca de Greta, near the border with Colombia. The attackers detonated several explosive devices, according to newspaper El Tiempo.

The ensuing explosions killed 12 people, 10 people were wounded.

The publication notes that, most likely, this “showdown” several criminal gangs who ply fuel smuggling between the two countries.

As reported the wound, watching a football match turned into a real tragedy.

It is reported by CNN, citing three local officials, who announced the details of the bloody terrorist attack. It is reported that the incident happened in the North of the country.

In Northern Nigeria there was a bloody attack. As a result of the tragedy killed 30 people, another 40 were injured and were hospitalized in medical institutions.

According to local officials, the blasts are three children as suicide bombers. The terrorists were two girls and a boy. It is noted that one explosion in the city Konduga June 16 at about 21:00 in the hall where the fans watched football. Two more explosions sounded in the crowd at the bar.

The responsibility for the bloody attack has not yet took none of the terrorist groups. However, the suspicion falls on Islamist cell Boko Haram, whose fighters a few years terrorizing the local population of Nigeria.

According to a source close to local authorities, to achieve their goals, terrorists are often recruited children whom they kidnapped from villages in Northern Nigeria.

Earlier we wrote about a series of explosions that rocked the capital of Somalia. During the explosion near the Parliament building in Mogadishu was held session of the upper chamber of the national Assembly, when people were preparing for the exit of the building. Eight people were killed, 16 were injured after the explosion.

The second explosion reportedly occurred at the airport of Aden Adde in Mogadishu. To date none of the terrorist groups has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Police in Somalia launched an investigation into the circumstances of the deaths.

На границе прозвучали мощные взрывы, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП

На границе прозвучали мощные взрывы, есть жертвы: подробности ЧП