On the border with Belarus held a joint border operation

На границе с Беларусью проходит совместная пограничная спецоперация

31.07.2020, 12:17

Ukrainian border guards (photos dpsu.gov.ua)

Operation bison-2020 will be held until the end of October

In the framework of combating of illegal activities at the Ukrainian-Belarusian state border since mid-July of this year began a joint special border operation bison-2020. About it reports a press-state frontier service service.

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The special operation held on a regular basis every year by agreement between border agencies and will run until the end of October.

“After the preparatory phase is the main phase of the operation. In particular, occur investigative, preventive, custodial and other activities as illegal checkpoints, and in them on revealing and suppression of illegal activity on the state border”, – explained in state frontier service.

Ensure the monitoring of the situation in the border areas and on means of international communication. Patrolling of the state border, except the border guard is involved manned and unmanned aircraft.

There is a regular exchange of information at the level of border troops, including through a common contact point Zhitomir-Pinsk.

Yesterday, border guards of Belarus reported the state border service of Ukraine that takes measures to strengthen border regime at the common land borders, including in the framework of joint special border operations bison-2020.

  • 9 Jul 2000 in Belarus detained 32 militants PMC Wagner – performing the orders of the Kremlin, the Russian military units of the GRU. In Minsk said that the saboteurs came to “destabilize Belarus before the election”. The government of Belarus was tied up and detained local opposition. Looking for another 200 of the militants.
  • Later the Kremlin stated that it did not know anything about the PMC, or the reasons for the detention of Russians.
  • On 30 July, the SBU stated that will send a request for the extradition of mercenaries who could fight in Donbas on the side of the militants.

На границе с Беларусью проходит совместная пограничная спецоперация