On the border with the occupied Crimea are not working at two checkpoints: the reason – 24 Channel

На кордоні з окупованим Кримом не працюють два пропускні пункти: відома причина - 24 Канал

On the administrative border with alexbank Russia Crimea temporarily stopped operation of two control points of entry and exit “Kalanchak and Chaplinka” (from the occupants).

About it reports a press-service Azovo-black sea regional management of gpsu in Facebook.

Today at the checkpoint “Kalanchak” recorded faults in the design of vehicles in connection with the restoration of a database of Ukrainian customs. Pedestrians at the same time drawn in the prescribed manner,
– stated in the message.

The Ministry noted that the accumulation of vehicles currently missing – in front of KPVV is about 25 cars.

Also, the regional Directorate of the uasbgs noted that the activities carried out to redirect cars to other PPC.

“However, according to the citizens who followed through PPC “Chaplynka” on the contrary, in the so-called “checkpoint” of the invaders, missing power supply (redundant sources also are). In this situation, the occupants of any vehicles or pedestrians are ignored”, – said the guards.

At the same time, checkpoint “Chongar” is operating normally.


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