On the fake funeral Dorenko Russian propagandists spoke with a dead singer

На фейковых похоронах Доренко российские пропагандисты "говорили" с мертвой певицей

Russian state TV channel “Zvezda” was convinced that at the funeral of journalist Sergey Dorenko spoke with the artist Elena Obraztsova. However, the funeral Dorenko has not been, and Obraztsova died in 2015.

Material “Stars” was published on Sunday, may 12, but later it was removed, according to the Russian TV channel “Rain”.

24 channel wrote that well-known Russian promoter Sergei Dorenko may 9 due to health problems lost control and fell off the bike in the center of Moscow. In the hospital, the chief editor of radio station “Moscow speaking” has endured clinical death and died without regaining consciousness.

The material Obraztsova supposedly “noted” that Dorenko was never compromised and was guided in its activities were guided only by truth.

A low bow to him and eternal memory,

– “said” is exemplary.

The funeral of Russian journalist was not there. Postponed because the police refused to give the widow a body to be repeated is judicial-medical examination.

After the Russian media wrote about the incident, “the Star” apologised and published a retraction. It also promised to strictly punish all those involved.

Now the news is missing on the website “Stars” in the caches of search engines “Google” and “Yandex”.

Who is Sergei Dorenko?

Famous Russian TV and radio journalist. From 1996 to 2000 has been a leading information programs “Time” and “Author’s program of Sergei Dorenko” on the ORT channel. Since 2014, editor – in-chief of radio station “Moscow Says”. Dorenko also was a radio broadcaster and chief editor of the station “Russian news service”.

He is known for his critical comments and opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Was one of the few Russian journalists who supported the Orange revolution in Ukraine in 2004.

However, now again actively supported the policy of Putin towards Ukraine. It is included in the list of sanctions on Ukraine for anti-Ukrainian xenophobic position on the war in the Donbas and the illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia. Dorenko is the author of promotional books that are banned in Ukraine.

На фейковых похоронах Доренко российские пропагандисты "говорили" с мертвой певицей