On the form teams of the all-star game, the NBA will patch in memory of Kobe Bryant: photos

From 14 to 16 February in the NBA will be a stellar weekend, the main decoration of which will be the all-star game. On form teams in this match will be special badges.

On the right side of the form will stripe with a black circle, which contains eight white stars. This is in memory of Kobe Bryant and the other passengers of the helicopter that crashed on 26 January near the town of Calabash. Among the victims were his daughter Gianna.

На форме команд Матча всех звезд НБА будет нашивка в память о Коби Брайанте: фото

На форме команд Матча всех звезд НБА будет нашивка в память о Коби Брайанте: фото

Form teams for the Match of all stars NBA in memory of Bryant and Stubble (photo: twitter.com/BleacherReport)

Before this, the leadership of the NBA decided to change the format of the all-star game in memory of Bryant.

What is known about the death of Kobe Bryant

  • Kobe Bryant died in a plane crash. The incident occurred near Los Angeles, namely, near the town of Calabasas on the Morning of January 26 local time.
  • All nine people aboard an aircraft, was killed. Among them, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna. In addition, on Board were her partner on the basketball team of Alissa Altobelli, her father John (coach, baseball) and mother Kerry. Not survived and the pilot of the helicopter.
  • The accident occurred 25 minutes into the flight, before that, at an altitude of 500 meters with a car lost contact.
  • Later it became known that the helicopter Sikorsky S-76 for about a minute of falling at high speed before crashing. When the helicopter did not have the appropriate certificate to perform operations in difficult conditions. The pilot did not have enough 12 seconds to avoid disaster.
  • On the day of the death of Bryant all the matches started with a minute of silence. Some basketball players did not play the ball within 24 seconds. This room was made by Bryant for the Lakers.
  • In the latest tweet the Bryant congratulated LeBron James, who broke his record in the NBA. Himself LeBron cried when I found out about his death. After that, he got a tattoo in honor of Bryant.
  • Time magazine dedicated a cover of victim of Kobe Bryant. But around Los Angeles there was the graffiti in his honor.
  • Paulo Coelho wrote a children’s book with Kobe Bryant, but delete the draft after his death.

Also on the form is patch in memory of David Stern, former NBA Commissioner (he led the League from 1984 to 2014). Stern died on 1 Jan 2020 on 77-m to year of life. In his honor, on the left side of the form will be black stripes.

Recall that in the Star weekend, the NBA will be attended by the Ukrainian Sviatoslav mykhailiuk. He will play in the match rising stars of NBA.