On the grave of the June, strange things happen. Witnesses say, “Stayed” for revenge. PHOTO

На могиле Джуны происходят странные вещи. Очевидцы говорят: «Задержалась» чтобы отомстить. ФОТО

Djuna Davitashvili known to the world as a healer, that no time was saved by the famous politicians and stars of the Russian platform. She died in 2015 at the age of 65 and is buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery, which to this day is visited by the fans of prophetess.

Witnesses who not once visited the grave of June, noted that they were able to see to see a black cat that almost always is at her monument. Not only fans, but also psychics believe that the soul is thus Junes visited the living world. Witnesses also horrified to note that when visiting the grave the gate is independently opened and closed, despite the fact that that day the weather was not windy.

Medium assumes that paranormal activity is the burial place of the Junes would occur after the filming of “the Battle of psychics.” In one of the issues the participants carried out the investigation on her grave and might accidentally summon the soul to the living world, and then never put it back. However, the mystic adheres to the theory that Jung herself “stuck” in the world of the living to take revenge.

Shortly before his death, the healer gave an interview in which he said that he knows the exact date of his death and prepares for it in advance. And death will not be natural, it will go to the light. “Will help to leave, as the son helped,” said Djuna. She believed that her relatives were against her and her son, Wahoo, who passed away in 2001. His death was so much struck Joon that she began to shutter lifestyle and almost never appeared in public in the next 14 years. She admitted that quickly wants to leave in the Wake of the son.

Medium suggests that during the life of Djuna could not take revenge on the family for such a heavy loss, but now that she found strength and peace in the other world, she came to the world of the living to take its toll. We are not talking about other people’s lives, but that valuable and expensive for people who wish to harm the family of the juna Davitashvili.

На могиле Джуны происходят странные вещи. Очевидцы говорят: «Задержалась» чтобы отомстить. ФОТО