On the highway the Melitopol -Zaporozhye began to repair abnormally-dangerous sites

На автодороге Мелитополь -Запорожье начали ремонтировать аварийно-опасные участки

In the days of favorable weather conditions, the road workers of the region have started works on liquidation of emergency yamochnost.

We are talking about scheduled maintenance, and emergency that needs to be done even in winter. After all the cracks and potholes are formed continuously. To ensure a safe passage, in the cold season patching in such areas runs hot asphalt concrete mixtures.

So for two days, namely: 30, January 31 on state roads region was eliminated 479 sq m emergency yamochnost. Mostly the work was carried out on the most problem sites of roads and places of concentration of road accidents.

In particular, on the highways of the state value M-18 Kharkiv-Simferopol-Alushta-Yalta, км300 – км310 and N-15 Zaporozhye, Donetsk, км9 – км14, repair work was carried out with the use of special machines “Remonter” branch “Zaporizhzhya road maintenance station.” The use of this mechanism allows to perform high-quality patching even at low temperatures, since the heating of the mixture takes place directly on the spot.