On the landing ship of the U.S. Navy third day can’t put out the fire

На десантном корабле ВМС США третий день не могут потушить пожар

Eyewitnesses reported that the body of the Bonhomme Richard was cracked closer to the waterline of the cracks is thick smoke.

The third day rescuers can’t handle the strongest fire that engulfed the American amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard at naval base San Diego, California. On Tuesday, July 14, local media reported.

The flames continued to rage inside of the ship, where the high temperature hit the inside part of the flight deck.

Eyewitnesses also report that the body of the Bonhomme Richard was cracked closer to the waterline. The crack is thick smoke. The fire damaged one of the two superstructures on the deck – bridge. In addition, the collapsed mast.

In addition to the many boats, watering Bonhomme Richard from the fire barrel involved three helicopters dropping water on him.

While fighting the fire occurred the sediment and the roll of the ship in connection with his watering with plenty of water. Rescue teams are pumping her.

Command of the surface forces US Pacific fleet said that, at least, only 59 people were injured in the course of extinguishing a fire, including 36 sailors and 23 civilians.

They received minor injuries as a result of heat shock and smoke inhalation, hospitalization nobody needed.

The fire occurred on Sunday, July 12, in the cargo hold of the ship on the lower deck Deep V, with large stores of property and equipment of the marine corps. On Board the Bonhomme Richard is more than 3.5 thousand tons of fuel, which is two decks below.