On the left Bank children give the kittens to the mercy of the dogs

На Левобережном дети отдают котят на растерзание собакам

In the residential area of levoberezhnyy-3 appeared “Mowgli”, who runs a pack of yard dogs, setting dogs on stray cats. Many of us regularly see a boy of ten years along with the dogs. Locals often find near the school body torn cats. Thus died the darling of one of the courtyards cat Nigella. But students report that some of their peers (students in grades 4-5) personally give the dogs little kittens. Anxiety about what is happening began to beat in social networks Ludmila gryazeva

That’s what the woman writes:

(The style of the author saved)

There is a childish cruelty, animal abuse is today’s trend?!

On the left Bank children are being bullied over the animal every day!

Ask for support information, volunteer, legal!

Need real help from the residents of the left Bank that will be able to go to the Director of school № 147 for the educational work of students 4-5 classes.

If there are parents of students of this school, help support the initiative.

Today, the classmates of your children, abused animals, tomorrow they are a victim can become your children!

Urgently need to take action!

Call the police!

To contact the service for children!

To apply to juvenile prevention!

The story is long, but I will try to explain briefly.

In our yards to feed stray cats and dogs running around.

And everything was normal.

But! Since September, we have witnessed the raids of a foreign pack of aggressive dogs.

(Dogs are not to blame! Wrong team wrong behavior! )

They came from 147 schools accompanied by “Mowgli” the leader boy 10 years at first glance from a dysfunctional family, a child deprived of attention…

First impression – he’s leading the pack on the hunt for cats.

Not immediately, we realized that this was no accident.

Hunting pack uses a few times a week after school from 14:00 to 18:30.

We ran with a boy from class 4.

In other yards, these dogs ran with the girls from class 4 147 school.

First, we only saw dogs coming in our yard wards. And we just drove away and saved.

I saw the boy, a coward the tree where the cat was saved from a pack of dogs.

Then found the bodies of kittens.

And walked out who and what you saw.

Saturday 09.11.19 we buried our beautiful, clever a Nigella Lucy.

A pack of 5-6 dogs ran into our yards in 15:20 and coolly devoured.

From this point we decided to stop it at any cost!!!

The police!? In Tocontrol!?

To school!

Children knackers – future potential maniacs…

Yesterday 14.11.19 g Thursday a flock with a boy was at 16:15.

Ran wedge, MINUGUA sacrifice as hunting. I started to yell.

I’m very bad.

The pack reacted to the scream and turned around. Ran to the Tantalum. The boy sat down, looked at a runner and made off briskly for the house and all the dogs with him.

Ran to 147 school.

So we told the witnesses.

There are eyewitnesses kid inciting a pack of people without a certain residence.

All day outside, to prevent the cruelty of schoolchildren?! It’s hard for me!

Collect the initiative group.

Write to the PM.

0932590861 Lyudmila Gryazeva

The locals hope that they will be able to stop baby mayhem.