On the outskirts of an unknown enterprise Dnieper at night, grass growers (VIDEO)

На окраине Днепра неизвестное предприятие по ночам травит садоводов (ВИДЕО)

On the outskirts of the left Bank of the Dnieper river in the industrial area on the banks of Samara are several garden associations. The river, a pine forest and, it would seem theoretically clean air. But, no.

In telegram channel hyevuy_dnepr gardeners told about the trouble.

– In the area of the silicate plant have Garden Association the wall climber. Address of the Baikal 1, this spring night on the production of are located nearby and someone disables the filters. And all the soot is deposited in the yards, easy, garden furniture and a terrible stench coming tonight rang 101 and 102, nothing helped, – stated in the message.

Note that the territory for many years have not worked for companies in the industrial area recently earned a lot of small shops and there are a lot of pipes. Do they have permits that they fly out of the pipes and gets here the environmental Inspectorate is unknown.