On the Peninsula in Kiev will be the neighborhood of 15 thousand inhabitants

На Рыбальском полуострове в Киеве появится микрорайон на 15 тысяч жителей

The project includes 36 houses and one kindergarten.

On the Peninsula in Kiev plan to build a residential quarter of Lipki Island for 36 flats.

The project Lipki Island City Resort was submitted to development company City One Development.

The project consists of 36 houses with a number of storeys from 2 to 30 floors of 6.2 thousand. The site area is 40 hectares, the total area of the complex 927,7 thousand sq. m. the area of the underground part (Parking) of the complex is of 208.3 thousand square meters, overhead – 719,4 thousand sq. m. Expected population of 15,4 thousand people.

In addition, the project includes a business center with a total area of 58,2 sq. m (rental 43.5 thousand sq m) plus built-in commercial premises on 44.4 thousand sq. m. (rent – 33.3 thousand sq m).

The project provides only one kindergarten on 307 children and one school 1.11 thousand students.

The factory owns 40 hectares on the Peninsula, Tigipko is going to let the territory “of the Forge on the Rybalsky” under construction.

Partner with TAS in the development of Rybalsky Peninsula is the City One Development.