On the planet Proxima b found life: confirmation of NASA

На планете Проксима b обнаружили жизнь: подтверждение NASA

A sensational discovery was made by scientists at NASA. On Proxima b exoplanet discovered life. Previously, scientists have assumed that on this planet can exist in living organisms. Now these data are confirmed.

Previously, scientists thought that the planet could be potentially habitable.

This exoplanet is located in the system of Proxima Centauri, which is closest located to the Solar system. While Proxima b placed at a distance from its star that can be conditions suitable for life.

Moreover, after special calculations by NASA scientists announced that Proxima b may be suitable for life earthlings.

What is known about the aliens. Starting from 2016. When and dug exoplanets, the European southern Observatory have provided a telescope for observation of Proxima b. Recently, he recorded the movement of unknown objects. And after a few days, scientists received an encrypted message sent from extrasolar planets. What I wanted to tell the aliens is still unknown.

What is an exoplanet?It’s a planet outside of our Solar system, orbiting another star, or drifting through space. The first exoplanet was discovered in 1988. Today there are 3500 of these objects. However, only few of them are capable of supporting life.

In fact, this information is an April fool’s joke. Although, to exclude the existence of life beyond Earth, too.

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