On the plateau of AI-Petri will be held on charges of rescuers on snowmobiles

На плато Ай-Петри состоятся сборы спасателей на снегоходах

The Minister of emergency situations of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Shakhov reported that on 5th of February, civil code of the RK “CRIMEA-SPAS” will begin training camp for conducting search and rescue operations in mountain and forest areas with the use of motor transport equipment, including snowmobiles and ATVs.

“The camp will be held on a plateau AI-Petri. Rescuers will learn the theoretical part and to apply their knowledge in practice,” – said Sergey Shakhov.

So, according to Mr Yadav, the staff of the emergency services will learn how to use snowmobiles and ATVs, the basic principles of proper operation, maintenance, and driving technique. Students will explore the management features on the tracks in winter, to disassemble and perform basic mistakes.

In practice, the rescuers will have to practice the motion over rough terrain: turns on the straight, turns on the slopes, sharp climbs and descents, overcoming obstacles in the form of lying trees, large rocks, puddles, rivers, driving on the road with a track that turns with a deviation of a body to counterbalance and many more.

“Now armed service is five ATVs and two snowmobiles and the necessary additional devices, including tracks for traveling over snow. Equipment is distributed in Alushta, Bakhchisaray, Belogorsk and Yalta groups on the basis of necessity, experience in conducting search and rescue operations. The organization also plans to purchase several more units.”

Charges will continue until 7 February.