On the roads of Sweden will be released the Ford sedan with the engine from the tank (VIDEO)

На дороги Швеции выйдет седан Ford с двигателем от танка (ВИДЕО)

A resident of Sweden, Daniel Werner decided to install the engine Rolls-Royce Meteor V12 27 liters of volume, designed for tanks, on a regular passenger car.

According to The Meteor Interceptor for this, he bought an old police sedan Ford Crown Victoria, 2006. The installation of the motor Werner removes the video and puts in the social network.

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Werner called his heavy-duty model Meteor Interceptor. He has no plans to participate on it in the race, but intends to disperse the sedan to 321 kilometers per hour.

However, Werner is not too confident of success, as the old police sedan is not designed for such speed.

The world’s longest limousine will return in its original condition (PHOTO)

In order for the sedan withstood a tank powerplant, Werner had significantly refined suspension Crown Victoria.

To enhance the design he used parts from a Chevy pickup C10.

As reported by Road&Track, the Swede was originally intended to fit in a Crown Victoria a 37-litre Rolls-Royce Griffon from the Spitfire fighter, but he was too bulky for cars. In the end, he opted for the 27-litre Meteor.