On the trail of Colonel Chepiga

По следам полковника Чепиги

Appeared in the British media about the fact that the name of the suspect in the poisoning in Salisbury Ruslan Bashirov hiding GRU Colonel Anatoly Chapiha, a graduate of the far Eastern higher military command school (DOKU), checked the journalists of the Russian “Kommersant”. They went to the village Berezovka, where a photo of Ruslana Bashirova residents have identified as their fellow villager roofing the Chapiha and told me that he really studied in the far East.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, British foreign Minister Jeremy hunt met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrovym. “It was an honest exchange of views. It was pretty hard, because it is unacceptable that Russia instructed the agents of the GRU to use chemical weapons on British soil,” said hunt, referring to the incident in Salisbury.

The Russian foreign Ministry information Bashirova-Chapiha called “stuffing with the goal to divert attention from the main issue”.

Britain has officially refused to meet the demands of the Russian genprokuratury on the provision of legal assistance in the investigation of poisoning in Salisbury. From the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, Prime Minister Theresa may once again accused Russia “flagrant violation international law”. Previously, she reiterated taking place, according to London’s “involvement” of Moscow in the assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

At a meeting of the UN security Council on Thursday, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov commented on the statements of the British Prime Minister:

“Theresa may is not the first time making such accusations, and each time quite arrogantly declares that they have absolute proof. But they do not show them to anyone violate the provisions of at least three, and even four conventions. (…) We are told: “You know yourself, so you must admit that you have done, and promise that more will do so”. But this is like kindergarten!”

Meanwhile, a number of Western countries, including France, share the official version of the British authorities regarding the incident in Salisbury. So, at the meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday, the President of France Emmanuel macron said that Paris “expects Moscow to take measures to curb the threat of use of nerve agents”.

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