On the train Kiev-Berdyansk regiment fell and crippled the passenger

В поезде Киев-Бердянск полка упала и искалечила пассажирку

Railways caught in a new scandal due to the fact that the top shelf of the train Kiev-Berdyansk could not stand 80-pound passenger and fell to 60-year-old woman. Natalia Manko was badly damaged.

The victim said that he returned home from Kiev by night train. About 20 minutes after departure on her back collapsed shelf with a passenger. In the incident, Natalia was seriously injured.

The woman was diagnosed with a fracture of the thoracic spine, the protrusion (the initial stage of formation of herniated discs in the spine) and various hematomas.

After this incident, a woman can not walk and sit. At the moment she is in the hospital and she needed surgery, which Natalia has no money.

On the train the incident was recorded and issued the relevant document. Natalia Manko intends to appeal to the leadership of the Ukrainian Railways, and also to the insurance company and the court.

The victim also said that after the incident, the other passengers began to check the attachment of the upper shelves. According to the woman, she thinks while turning trains from the shelves were detached hook that holds it.