On the United States is approaching tropical storm Cristobal

На США надвигается тропический шторм Кристобаль

The storm will reach the Gulf coast on Sunday morning and threatens flooding in Louisiana and Florida.

In the Gulf of Mexico formed tropical storm Cristobal and approaches the US coast. On Saturday, June 6, according to the national center for monitoring hurricanes USA (NHC).

It is expected that Cristobal will reach the Gulf coast by 08:00 a.m. Sunday (15:00 Kyiv time) and threatens flooding in the areas of the mouth of the Mississippi river, Morgan city in Louisiana and the district of Walton in Florida.

Now a tropical storm located at 555 km South of the mouth of the Mississippi. The maximum wind speed within the atmospheric phenomena reaches of 23.6 m/s. Cristobal moves North to the coast at a speed of 5.2 m/s.

As is known, the atmospheric phenomenon is classified as a tropical storm and gets its own name, if the wind speed within it reaches about 17.5 m/s At a wind speed of 33 m/ s or more the storm becomes a hurricane.