On the Waterfront of Victory in the BMW Dnepr flew in an electrosupport: driver killed (VIDEO)

As it became known, July 13 at 19:38 in Service of rescue “101” received a report of an accident on the Waterfront of Victory Cathedral district of the Dnieper.

On arrival of rescuers to the scene found that the driver of the car “BMW” I faced with an electric prop. In the accident the man clamped the metal structures of the wrecked car. From the received traumas he has died.

The staff of service of rescue “101”, using a metallic cable, towed the car from the pole and disconnected the batteries to avoid fire. Then, using a hydraulic tool, the dead body of a man, born in 1984, was released from the structures of the vehicle.

The work involved 8 personnel and 2 units of equipment of the Main Department. Police officers conducted investigations to establish the circumstances of the accident.

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Angelina Frost