On the website of the Verkhovna Rada published the draft law on media

На сайте Рады опубликован текст законопроекта о медиа

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada registered a Draft Law “On media”, filed by deputies of the faction “servant of the people”. The text of the bill published on the Parliament’s website on December 28.

In the explanatory Memorandum stated that the law on media regulates the relations connected with distribution of media, determines the legal framework in Ukraine actors in the field of media and Foundation of governance, regulation and supervision (control) in this field.

The law defines General requirements to the subjects in the media sphere, including requirements for transparency of ownership structure and control, as well as requirements for each individual subjects in the media sphere.

In addition, the law stipulates the responsibilities of actors in the field media to provide media services, restrictions on content of information duties of subjects in the field of media in the output, the volume of distribution of national and European product, language, dissemination of information, protection of minors, right of reply and refutation, in the days of mourning (grief) and days of remembrance, dissemination of official messages about emergency situations, access to information about events of significant public interest, a distribution paid interactive contests (games, quizzes), accounting and storage of programs and copies of printed media, protect the rights of users.

Licensing, in accordance with the bill shall be exclusively broadcasting using the radio frequency resource of Ukraine and supply of electronic communication services for the needs of broadcasting using radio frequency resource.

Compulsory registration under the law shall be subjects of broadcasting without the use of radio frequency resource, actors in the field of print media, the providers of audiovisual services, as well as actors in the media sphere, including non-residents of Ukraine, which provide users in Ukraine access to their media services on terms which provide for the payment of user access or use of such media services.

Foreign linear media can be distributed on the territory of Ukraine providers of audiovisual services only after registration of such media in the manner prescribed by law.

All licensing and registration procedures under the bill take place through the electronic office of the subject in the media, the functioning of which is ensured by the National Council.

The bill also establishes a response to violations of the law in the field of media and sanctions for violation of legislation in the field of media. The decision to revoke the license and / or revocation of registration, according to the document, accepted by the court.

The document also establishes that the subject in the media sphere in Ukraine can be:

1) a natural person who is a citizen of the aggressor state (occupation)

2) a legal entity in which the owner of a substantial part, controller or beneficiary on any level of the chain of ownership of corporate rights is a person who is a citizen or resident of the aggressor state (occupation) or a legal entity registered in this state or located in this state.

3) the legal entity receiving funding (loans, borrowings, loans, investments, contributions of sponsors, donations, other financial support) from individuals who are citizens of the aggressor state (occupation), juridical persons registered in this state or located in this state.