On the website “Peacemaker” spoke about the Russian President: “Putin Hu*lo”

На сайте "Миротворец" высказались о президенте РФ: "Путин - ху*ло"

About Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by swearing

Vladimir Putin called “Hu*scrap” on the main page of the site “Peacemaker”. About this a resource said on Twitter.

Page published citation of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov: “Ukraine is Europe, EU, NATO. Russia – the aggressor. Putin Hu*lo”.

Recall that the site “Peacemaker” published information about people who pose a threat to the Ukrainian state and society, perpetrators of crimes against the foundations of national security.

We have previously reported that Putin has suffered a resounding failure in China.

China turned away from Russia – the state does not wish to participate in the construction of large facilities on the territory of Russians, and also significantly reduced their investments for the Russian Federation. This writes blogger Angry Odessa “Facebook”:

“Still not clear the fate of the pipeline “Power of Siberia”, which seems to be under construction and preparing to launch, but the Chinese demand, which lately is becoming more and more questionable. At the same time, Gazprom continues to invest in dubious projects, more immersing the gas monopoly into a debt swamp. And in cooperation with one of these projects, the Russian company refused fraternal China Development Bank”.

You know, recently the Kremlin announced a strategic turn to the East:

“In fact, the “Power of Siberia” became the main demonstration of this “reversal”. Meanwhile, the East to Russia and not really in a hurry to unfold, and sometimes does the opposite – turns. And so the project of the Amur gas processing plant, which should become the largest in Russia. The construction of the GPP estimated at $14 billion of which about $10 billion expected to attract investments China Development Bank. But the Bank is the Russian side refused. Moreover, given that the Bank reports directly to the state Council, can this failure be interpreted as a real stab in the back from master si.”

It is logical to assume that Gazprom will seek creditor for the project:

“Own funds taking into account existing debt obligations have a monopoly there. This means that 2019 will mark the company’s debt record, exceeding $100 billion a Good start of the year of the pig. Of course, if someone else dares to lend to Gazprom’s credit risk.”

На сайте "Миротворец" высказались о президенте РФ: "Путин - ху*ло"

На сайте "Миротворец" высказались о президенте РФ: "Путин - ху*ло"