On this depends the future of Ukraine: the American scientist said about the momentous meeting for Zelensky

От этого зависит будущее Украины: американский политолог рассказал о знаковой встрече для Зеленского

If the future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will solve your first visit abroad to perform in Brussels, it will indicate its desire for closer ties with the EU, and if he goes in the American capital Washington, it will show their opposition to Russia and interest in greater military and financial support to Ukraine from the United States. Reports Newsmir.info about this in the American political scientist Jason Smart wrote in his blog for “Browser”.

In his opinion, Zelensky will have to deal with “Ukraine fatigue” in the West, so it is extremely important meeting with trump. If the White house decides that the plans Zelensky make sense and coincide with US interests in the region, Washington will begin to more actively promote Ukraine to the EU and NATO. In any case, it all depends on what the first impression of the card will remain from Zelensky and whether he will consider him as a reliable ally.

“The last Ukrainian President was disappointed with trump, and this became an obstacle for the development of relations between the two countries. If Zelensky from the outset will prove himself a strong leader in the fight against corruption and oligarchy, its international credibility will be undermined”, – said Smart.