On video in the United States hit a terrible human being

На видео в США попало жуткое существо

A surveillance camera in the United States took a terrible creature roaming the street.

The video was published by the American Vivian Gomez on his page in Facebook.

On video it is visible that in the field of view of the camera at first appears a shadow, and behind it was a skinny, strange creature. It has long legs, vigibase an unusual way, bent and large ears.

Gomez said users of the Network seen anyone else with something similar and noted that the other two cameras did not notice the creature.

Video a few days collected 6.8 million views and many comments. Some users assume it’s a Ghost or a mythical figure, others that it is fake.

However, many users noted that the creature looks very much like Dobby the house elf from the movies about Harry Potter.