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Кому не можна робити щеплення від грипу: пояснення медиків - 24 Канал

With the arrival of October and cold weather, Ukrainians are beginning to be vaccinated to avoid getting sick with the flu. However, doctors said that there are a number of categories of people who are contraindicated to be vaccinated.

This was reported by General Director of the Centre for public health, Ministry of health of Ukraine Volodymyr Kurpita, reports “UKRINFORM”.

Doctors do not recommend to be vaccinated against the flu if the person has a low body weight (for her age), temperature above 38 C sick guests forms of diseases and has an immune deficient diseases. Also not to be vaccinated, if you have a runny nose. In General, the vaccine is based on the chicken proteins. So if you are allergic to chicken eggs is a contraindication to influenza vaccination,
– said the representative of the Ministry of health.

He noted that if a person has a runny nose, you should wait 3-4 days, when the symptoms pass, and then immediately to be vaccinated.


In addition, Chorpita noted that getting vaccinated against flu and colds for the entire epidemic season in Ukraine lasts from 1 October to 1 may. Duration of immunity after vaccination lasts 6 to 8 months.

Previously doctors believed that once recovered from the flu, you need to wait at least two to three months to get vaccinated. But now you can get vaccinated in a week after an illness.

We will remind, earlier the Ministry of health reported that this year has purchased 350 thousand vaccines against influenza, which for several weeks can be purchased in all pharmacies of the country. In particular, this year in Ukraine two vaccines are available against influenza: “Vaksihryp Tetra” (manufacturer “Sanofi Pasteur”, France) and “Dis flu” (“green Cross Corporation”, South Korea) – both quality and safe.

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