One of the authors of the game PUBG out of the team

Один из авторов игры PUBG уходит из команды разработчиков

Brendan Greene, better known under the name PlayerUnknown, announced his intention to leave the team game PUBG. A game designer is neither a full-fledged Creator of “Royal battle”, or the sole author of the most Battlegrounds, however, he made a significant contribution to the industry.

As reported by Eurogamer, it was Brendan Greene contributed to the flourishing of Battle Royale.

As Brendan green are involved in the project PUBG? The idea PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds are actually born without the participation of the green: he joined after work had begun. But his place in the team, game got not just.

Path to the big stage he paved the modification of DayZ: Battle Royale, which brought once the average player popularity. A collaboration of a talented writer and Korean Studio Bluehole known to everyone today, and in the footsteps of PUBG went to dozens of games.

Why green leaves? The last five years have been for green under the sign of Battle Royale, but everything comes to an end. PlayerUnknown said that will no longer be actively involved in the development PUBG, though, and will continue to follow the shooter as a consultant creative Director.

His main post will become a new division PUBG Corp. called Special Projects where coming up with new technologies and tools. What will such changes is unclear, but from the promoter of the “Royal battle” we can safely expect much.

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