One of the modes in the game NBA 2K20 stopped working due to coronavirus

Coronavirus has already caused the cancellation of most events, including gaming. Now he got to the digital world – in simulator NBA 2K20 stopped working algorithms to create a career in the MyLeague mode.

As it happened

Due to the suspension of the NBA season the system can not form a current schedule and statistics teams.

Usually the Start Today in MyLeague mode allows you to start the game with the current results of the participants a real basketball League and the NBA 2K20 simulates the appropriate schedule and standings on current information.

But now I get the error message. Kotaku editors have suggested that the game lacks statistics, because now the League doesn’t have a schedule and results of matches in the past 24 hours. 2K Games has not commented on the situation.

What is known about the suspension of the season

Thursday, March 12, the national basketball Association announced the suspension of the season for an indefinite period. Previously the two players of the Utah jazz discovered the coronavirus that caused the transfer matches.

What is important to know about the coronavirus Covid-19

This virus was recorded in China in late 2019. Subsequently, however, the virus has spread to Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, the USA and several European countries. The most dangerous among the European countries was Italy (Northern regions). There disease is found in 15 of 113 people, and died from 1 016 patients. On the territory of Ukraine has recorded 3 cases of infection with a dangerous virus, also in the Ministry of health reported the first death from the virus. In addition Arsen Avakov reported that on the territory of the occupied Horlivka confirmed 12 cases of infection Covid-19.

The symptoms of coronavirus / Infographic: 24 Channel

Covid-19 became the seventh virus of this type, which can be infected person. According to the latest data from the virus died on 5 074 people, General ill 137 456 people (data as of 14 March 2020). By the way, there is good news: already 69 643 people have recovered from coronavirus.

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