One of the most famous American journalists of Megyn Kelly in the scandal could leave NBC, she is accused of racism

Одна из самых известных американских журналисток Мегин Келли в результате скандала может уйти с NBC, ее обвиняют в расизме

One of the most famous journalists in US Megyn Kelly in the scandal could leave NBC. She is accused of racism. This comes after her statements about blackface — varieties of make-up for image of black people.

The next day Kelly apologized. In Russia it is known that twice interviewed Vladimir Putin. Summer Kelly moderated a session of the St. Petersburg economic forum.

The Daily Mail reports that Megyn Kelly hired a lawyer, Brian Friedman, and according to the publication, if her words are uttered in the air, you will not find anything wrong, Kelly can pay the full agreed contract with NBC sum of 69 million dollars.

In social networks and in the press drew attention to the fact that the statement of this kind – for Kelly a relapse. She regularly publicly apologizes.

It’s about blackface said two years ago. And then he apologized. OK

There is information that the lawyer Kelly on Friday will hold a meeting with representatives of the TV channel, to – quote – “determine next steps”. NBC and the reporter of the incident officially did not comment.

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