One of the stars of the milky Way can be from another galaxy

Одна из звезд Млечного Пути может быть из другой галактики

One of the stars of the Big dipper, which is part of the constellation URSA major, can be from another galaxy. To such conclusion came the astronomers. They talk about the star J1124+4535, which opened in 2015.

Writes Live science, that star could be born in a dwarf galaxy, and then got into our milky Way.

How it happened. The researchers suggest that the dwarf galaxy could collide with the Milky Way. After the parent galaxy was destroyed, one of her stars were in our galaxy.


Scientists have conducted a spectral analysis and found that it contained a few metals, e.g. magnesium, but high for the milky Way, the content of europium. These elements are characteristic of dwarf galaxies orbiting the milky Way.

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