One of the versions of the updated Lada Granta became cheaper

Одна из версий обновленной Lada Granta стала дешевле

In mid-April, “AVTOVAZ” brought to the Russian market modified versions of Lada Granta.

So, the car has a new inside door handles and other locks ignition and doors. Changed the type of the keys.

There are some technical innovations. For example, in “robotic” versions of Comfort and Prestige now includes a traction control system. In turn, the Luxe version of the Prestige got a helper when starting on hills.

If to speak about Granta options Luxe Luxe and Prestige, is now available to buyers folding key, cruise and climate control. In addition, there was an interesting option in the ignition. She provides the solely receiver.

Update model has changed and the prices of representatives of Granta. Modifications Luxe, Luxe, Prestige rose an average for a thousand rubles.

In turn, the equipment Comfort became cheaper on 10 thousand roubles. This version of the engine provides 98 horsepower and an automatic transmission.