OnePlus has announced the approximate price of smartphones based on Snapdragon 855 – Techno 24

OnePlus оголосила приблизну ціну смартфонів на базі Snapdragon 855 - Техно 24

CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau confirmed the announcement of a new smartphone of its own production on the basis of the Snapdragon 855. In addition, Lau shared how much novelty that support 5G will cost.

About it reports The Verge.

Speaking on the development of 5G smartphones, Lau remembered a certain complexity. According to him, to adapt such a device for all existing frequency is much more complicated than was the case with 4G. He argues that the OnePlus engineers are currently working on to provide future devices support a maximum number of mobile operators, but on the final decision of this question is too early to say.

He also noted that testing 5G in the engineering prototype was successfully completed in late summer, and the first 5G-smartphone based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will represent the company. An unnamed sales staff will begin in Europe simultaneously with the launch of 5G networks in the UK.

OnePlus оголосила приблизну ціну смартфонів на базі Snapdragon 855 - Техно 24
The Head Of OnePlus Pete Lau

In connection with the complexity of the development he predicted as the future flagships will be more expensive relative to existing models.

It’s hard to say because there are many nuances that must be considered, but most likely around 200 – 300 dollars
said Lau.

No detailed characteristics of the future smartphone OnePlus on the basis of the Snapdragon 855 the head of the company said.

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