OnePlus joins the wireless Alliance Xiaomi, Vivo and OPPO

OnePlus присоединяется к беспроводному Альянсу Xiaomi, Vivo и OPPO

Wireless and fast transfer various files now is really one of the most priority steps to improve the mobile segment of the modern type – and it is not surprising that more and more companies began to experiment with various technologies and ways to transfer files quickly and easily. Here and now appeared information about the fact that the company OnePlus has decided to join the so-called “wireless Alliance”, made up of companies in Vivo, Xiaomi and OPPO, which is a special set of wireless technology to transfer different files. In particular, this decision is connected with the urgent need of implementing the additional projects in this area.

Itself proprietary technology for wireless file transfer between Xiaomi, Vivo and OPPO is something like a mixture of the best practices and algorithms from the world of Bluetooth and NFC connection. This Alliance was formed in the beginning of last year and quickly became one of the most discussed projects in the mobile industry, because it allows you to transfer files at a great distance and do it very quickly, though not without some nuances – it is because of them the project is not yet available in the broad market environment.

However, with the accession to the Alliance, the company OnePlus all will certainly be fresher and more fun, because the Chinese manufacturer already had its own experience of developments of similar technologies. Unlike the Google project called Android Nearby, presents the technological algorithm somehow has a really promising character, since it may be subjected to rather wide modification by external developers and third parties.

It is worth noting that OnePlus was not informed about any possible improvements of the project during its design – apparently the company hasn’t quite joined the Alliance, since it is necessary initially to produce some of the legal and technical nuances. However, now there is no doubt that the expertise and experience OnePlus will bring to the project a lot of new and interesting for users.

OnePlus присоединяется к беспроводному Альянсу Xiaomi, Vivo и OPPO

OnePlus присоединяется к беспроводному Альянсу Xiaomi, Vivo и OPPO

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