OnePlus7 Pro passed the test for water resistance

OnePlus7 Pro прошел тест на водонепроницаемость

During the presentation OnePlus 7 Pro manufacturer mentioned a lot of “chips” innovations, such as powerful processor, quality camera and display with high refresh rate. But one of the characteristics of the flagship gadget is not mentioned – the degree of protection from water.

To check the smartphone’s water resistance is decided by the bloggers: a video with the session “diving” has turned up on YouTube.

Even before the release of the company’s CEO Pete Lau has announced that OnePlus 7 Pro will receive a certain protection against ingress of liquid, despite the lack of certification according to the standard IP. Immediately after the announcement of the device YouTube blogger Matthew Moniz decided to check whether this statement corresponds to reality.

See test the water resistance of OnePlus:

What happened to the phone. In the experiment, the flagship OnePlus was placed in a container of water for 30 minutes. Despite the long dive, the machine not only kept working, but had not received any visible damage: both camera, display and microphone continued to work flawlessly. Suffered only the phone’s loudspeakers: for music playback experience minor distortions.

The author of the video warned viewers that recommends not to repeat his actions. According to him, he just wanted to make sure that accidental contact with liquid smartphone at the price of $ 669 will not turn into a “brick”.

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