Online loans: “krasava” or a setup

Онлайн кредиты: "красава" или подстава

Today in his Facebook account, the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Moseychuk told an instructive story of his son, who fell for the TV advertising online lending.

Here is the translation of his post:

I have a son Svyatoslav Mosiychuk! He’s 20 years old. He is now the student gets a higher education.

Last fall, he asked me to help with something. I told him not to. Youth at this age tend not to hear parents.

Svyatoslav decided to go his own way, he took out a loan of UAH 3000 in some “Coin” and did it his way.

Over time, the son realized that the father and the mother who tried to dissuade him from the act which he took the credit – you were right. I realized that he understood, but the credit remained. Svyatoslav to repay that loan in addition to the study went for two works. But this “Coin” so start to accrue interest at the expense of work to repay the debt was not real.

To the court for recovery of loan with Svyatoslav “Coin” is not addressed!

Yesterday “Coin” started to blackmail our family (with it all), my friends and acquaintances whom Svyatoslav doesn’t even know. They began to blackmail, threaten, demand 4 times greater amount than the loan, to invent, to ring continuously and all of the dozens of rooms.

Today unknown reptile called me this morning and literally said they hired botafirm that will discredit me on the Internet until I’ve gotten over the son’s credit will embarrass me in front of people and Svyatoslav driven to suicide!

In particular, given the above and the fact that the victims of these loan sharks, Blackmailers and racketeers every day are hundreds of Ukrainians I made the following decision:

  1. Svyatoslav will work and repay the loan gradually earning the money.
  2. I appeal to law enforcement bodies with the statement for a crime (blackmail, extortion, incitement to suicide) on the user “Mondi”.
  3. Today I’ll start preparing the package of documents and the process of deprivation of the “Coin” of the banking license. Think that many will support me!

I appeal to all Ukrainians who became victims of speculators, usurers and Blackmailers asking me these facts for pooling efforts in the fight against evil!

Moneylenders of the “Coin” is offered calmly wait for the return of Svyatoslav of the loan, or foreclosure to go to court and stop the blackmail and threats because if you don’t stop, get back the balanced action! Will you do as our ancestors Cossacks with loan sharks!

Alas, this is not the first case when young people are watching commercials: where is Sawa-krasava – living on credit, and Taras, “the commitment of all normas” – a provincial loser.

It is naive to think that creating such “office” and spending millions on TV advertising, “good uncle,” the high road is not “otobus loot” in full.

Well-known Kiev attorney Michael Strelnikov weekly to his Facebook puts some of these stories.By sozhaleniyune they all have a happy end.

He turned in his video posted on the YouTube channel to Presideo of Ukraine with a request not to accept the law 2133 that will legitimize the criminal activities of collectors.