“Only 5 days left”: NASA is preparing a backup plan when the Apocalypse – UFO

“Green Hulk” planet X Nibiru, cataclysms will force people to resort to faith and God, hope for salvation, while scientists will save the politicians and oligarchs, ufologists claim.

«Осталось 5 дней»: NASA готовит план отступления при Апокалипсисе – уфологи

According to the latest explorers, to the planet Earth moves two deadly object: planet X Nibiru and the green tailless comet “Hulk.” Ufologists insisting that only 5 days left to the end and cessation of life on Earth. This fact sounds a bit implausible, which is used by NASA experts.

The fact that in spite of the approach of dangerous space bodies to the surface, the Americans announce the launch of a new probe on the surface of the Sun to study it. However, ufologists claim that the real purpose of the mission hidden from the people. NASA is going into Space to avoid a collision with Planet X Nibiru and the “Green Hulk”.

Only 5 days left and the Earth will be erased, experts say. NASA is preparing a backup plan when the Apocalypse, as the disasters on Earth were the impetus for the rapid collection and denial of the presence of the two threat objects in the Universe. The latter is done to avoid panic among the inhabitants of the Earth. People are increasingly talking about salvation and the day of judgment.

The importance of faith and rules of life. While NASA can save only a limited number of people – the oligarchs and politicians, all the rest is threatened by destruction from Nibiru and “Green Hulk”.

«Осталось 5 дней»: NASA готовит план отступления при Апокалипсисе – уфологи

Catastrophic climatic changes due to these threats started to manifest. The experts of the planet Nibiru claim that directly clashes with the Earth people will not see, because they will not be able to survive much earlier, as it approached.

The main cause of death of people called the incredible strength of the magnetic field that accompanies a ghostly planet. For him on Earth will begin a series of catastrophic changes in the climate: all the volcanoes activated, and the water from the oceans to flood the continents. The most horrific scenarios of disaster movies will become a reality, say the ufologists. Until August 16 people have time to spend it, do not cease to grin haters in the Network.

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